All from a single source.

As company of the LS-GROUP, the LS 9 GmbH advises and assists your company in connection with the creation of an optimized claims management. In association with the further companies LS-IP Loth & Spuhler Intellectual Property Law ( and LS-MP Munich Patent (, which are also pillars of the LS-GROUP, the LS 9 GmbH has excellent competences and the most modern equipment.

Nowadays, optimized claims management plays a central role for business management. The number of corporate insolvencies increases; the poor payment practice of customers is alarming.

Optimized claims management prevents loss of accounts receivable. Hereby you protect the liquidity of your company and promote its credit standing. But optimized claims management also requires comprehensive know-how. The LS 9 GmbH has this know-how and is your personal, external service provider.

The LS 9 GmbH assists your company also in the assessment, exploitation and management of intellectual property rights, such as e.g. patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.

Depending on the reason for the assessment, such as e.g. company acquisition, refinancing, licensing or cooperation, the LS 9 GmbH assembles an experienced team of attorneys at law, auditors, tax consultants, financial experts and specialists for company acquisitions in order to develop the best solution for you.

The LS 9 provides comprehensive services in the field of management of your patent portfolio and processes for you worldwide payment of renewal fees in a reliable and cost-efficient manner.

The close links of the Group members LS-IP Loth & Spuhler Intellectual Property Law and LS-MP Munich Patent with their respective clients and the associated national and international network have given rise to the wish, but also the possibility, to offer in independent manner advice and support in connection with the arrangement and evidence of the opportunity to conclude contracts relating to real property, business premises or residential premises, and related transactions. The LS 9 GmbH has taken over this business area within the LS-GROUP.

The activity of the LS 9 GmbH also focusses on the offering, arranging and conducting of seminars as well as the production of publications. In this respect the focus is on the field of protection of intellectual property in the form of patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, licenses as well as competition law, the core fields of activity of the Group members LS-IP Loth & Spuhler Intellectual Property Law as well as LS-MP Munich Patent.

The LS 9 GmbH utilizes for these complex tasks the competences of its founder partners and hence offers a wide range of services from a single source.